MatuShri Ahilya Devi Public School


Nursery to K.G. 2


Paid every year

I to III


Paid every year

VI to VI


Paid every year



Paid every year

IX to X


Paid every year


  1. Students should be regular and punctual in attending the school.
  2. Students must come in proper neat and clean attire by maintaining proper hygiene, maintaining neat manicured nails, well combed hair and smart appearance.
  3. Students shall not be permitted to leave the school before school hours. The request may be granted by the Principal for very special reason only.
  4. A student suffering from a contagious disease should not be sent to school till he/she is completely free from infection.
  5. First-aid treatment will be given to the student in case of any emergency or accident, during school hours. If required they will be taken to the nearest hospital. Parents will be informed immediately.
  6. School reserves the right to administer inoculation & vaccination if recommended by the local health authorities.
  7. Excursions, tours, educational camps organized by the school are compulsory for the student. Exemption can be granted by the Principal only on medical grounds.
  8. The school is not responsible for books, money, valuable jewellery or any valuables etc. that are lost.
  9. Leave application should be sent to the class teacher in advance. In case of inability of sending application in advance, the Medical Certificate is needed in case of sickness for more than four days.
  10. Students are strictly prohibited to use/bring mobile phones, to eat chewing gum, pan masala, smoking, etc. Any violation on this score may result in expulsion of the offender from the school.
  11. Movement of the students through the corridor should be noiseless.
  12. Discipline, Decency, and Decorum should be maintained by each student while talking to the Principal, Teachers, Guests, and Classmates.
  13. No student is permitted to bring two wheelers, mopeds, bikes etc. in school.
  14. No student is permitted to bring personal equipments for games. Games will be played on the play ground under the personal supervision of the games teachers.
  15. Students are not allowed to carry form of transistors, mobile phones, secondary storage devices, perfumes or any other distracting items.
  16. School reserves the right to suspend or take any disciplinary action against a student, whose conduct is harmful to other students and is not in accordance with the school rules.
  17. If there is a change in address / Tel. No. / Mobile No. please inform the school immediately through a written note.
  18. Prior permission is required for leave for religious or other function or going out of station.
  19. No telephonic messages regarding leave will be entertained.
  20. Unruly behavior like shrieking, shouting and use of foul language is strictly prohibited. Courteous behavior is expected at all times.

Parents can contact school`s reception for inquiry about admission. They need to fill the Registration form completely and deposit it at the school Reception, wherein they will be provided a date for interaction.

Minimum Age criteria for students seeking admission in Nursery for class 1 as an 31st March of the year in which admission is sought.

Nursery2.5 years
K.G. 13.5 years
K.G. 24.5 years
Class 15.5 years

Parental interaction with the school is very essential. Parents neglecting this necessary Cooperation may be asked to withdraw the child. Parents and guardians are humbly requested to enforce punctuality and discipline to see that their children finish their home task regularly and devote sufficient time to study at home. Parents are further requested to go through the entries in the Report Book of their child from time to time and sign on Teacher’s and Principal’s remarks for their information. Parents are requested to encourage their children to participate in extra-curricular activities and to see that children come regularly by maintaining their attendance well, and should come properly dressed to school and carry the books and copies according to the time-table. They should ensure that the books and copies are kept clean and neatly covered.

Monday9:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 3:00pm
Wednesday9:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday9:00am – 3:00pm
Friday9:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday9:00am – 3:00pm
Violet strip shirt with Violet trouser and belt.Violet strip shirt with Violet skirt and belt OR Kurta (with color) and salwar.
Well polished black shoes and Navy blue socks.Well polished black shoes and Navy blue socks.
Wednesday and Saturday – Yellow T-shirt with Navy blue lower, white shoes and white socks.Wednesday and Saturday – Yellow T-shirt with Navy blue skirt, white shoes and white socks.

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