MatuShri Ahilya Devi Public School


School Transport

Matushri Ahilyadevi Public School Indore is, at present, providing conveyance facility to students across the city. School is using new vehicles which are connected with cameras and GPRS enabled. The vehicles are also equipped with first aid facility. A lady attendant accompanies the junior most students in the vehicle for their proper care.

This gives an idea of various important bus points and same can change without any further explanations. Exact bus pickup & drop point shall be determined and informed only after the beginning of the academic session 2023 – 2024. Bus charges are mentioned here in below for ten months only.

Route Fee
Sullakhedi to Melkalma Rs. 8,000/-
Sullakhedi to Jagmal Pipliya Rs. 8,000/-
Sullakhedi to Mangliya and Rampipliya Rs. 7,000/-
Sullakhedi to Mundlabagh Rs. 6,000/-

Note: Bus Charges mentioned above is for the session 2018-19 and are subject to change in further years.

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